The Blackbeard Treasure

$10 Million in Buried Treasures
It's yours for the finding.

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Ahoy, Mates!

Welcome to The Blackbeard Treasure

Ahoy, Mates! So, I hear you're interested in finding my treasures. How dare you think you have the right to my fortune. I spent years of my life plundering ships to get my loot. Now you think you can take it away from me. Well good luck to you mates. I hope you're ready for the challenge then because it won't be easy to steal from me. But if you succeed, you will be rich! Pirate rich! But be careful, I guard my treasures with sword in hand, and with 250 men thirsty for blood, your blood. So, beware my fellow pirates and think twice before coming after my treasures!

each containing $1 MILLION in cold, hard cash!

Important: Please note, none of The Blackbeard Treasures are buried in dangerous locations. The treasures are not at sea, in a lake, in a pond, or in any kind of water. We want all of our hunters to be safe. If you come across a location that is dangerous, the treasure will not be buried at that location. We cannot stress this enough. All of our locations will be challenging to find, but none will be dangerous.

Furthermore, none of The Blackbeard Treasures will be buried on government property.

So, if you are ready to put your treasure hunting skills to the test, think like a pirate, answer riddles, follow clues, and interpret a treasure map all while having the adventure of a lifetime, join the hunt today!

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