The Blackbeard Treasure

$10 Million in Buried Treasures
It's yours for the finding.

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Ahoy, Mates!

Welcome to The Blackbeard Treasure

Ahoy mates! Welcome to The Blackbeard Treasure, the world's only and largest treasure hunt! As legend has it, it is widely believed that some 300 years ago, pirates who sailed the world’s oceans and seas terrorizing their victims, buried and hid their fortunes from both enemies and the law. Many did so when they knew their days were numbered. They accumulated huge amounts of wealth and did everything they could to protect it.

In keeping with pirate tradition, in particular the most famous pirate of all, Blackbeard, we have hidden and buried treasure chests in cities and towns across America for your treasure hunting pleasure...

each containing $1 MILLION in cold, hard cash!

Finding them won't be easy mates, but you, your friends, and family will have the best time of your lives searching for BLACKBEARD TREASURES! And in the process, you could unearth $1 MILLION.

So, if you are ready to put your treasure hunting skills to the test, think like a pirate, answer riddles, follow clues, and interpret a treasure map all while having the adventure of a lifetime, join the hunt today!

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